Ballet Dance Event 2023

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Ballet, as the oldest and rooted dance in the world, came to life in different geographies and spread by being influenced by every culture. Ballet, which attracts the attention of children with its elegance, impressive choreography, different outfits, and the benefits of ballet education, is taught in courses and conservatories in our country.


The basis of ballet is a set of rules that take many years to learn and require effort and patience. These rules, developed and perfected over the centuries, became the ancestors of all dances.


Ballet, which has such strict and perfect rules, should be given by conservatory-based and expert trainers. Giving ballet training by incompetent trainers can harm the physical and mental development of children. With a good course and instructor, ballet positively affects the student’s view of life and the world, his personality, his ability to think abstractly, his communication with his environment, and his development. The benefit of ballet training comes from a reliable course with a quality training plan and professional trainers.


The benefits of ballet training are the same in individual trainings, apart from group training. Students who embark on a long but enjoyable ballet journey acquire a profession they are happy to do in the future and improve their lives as professional ballet dancers with art. By gaining different perspectives, they develop their ability to empathize, and are known as respectable people in their environment as understanding, patient and high-creative individuals.

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2022-10-30 @ 05:30 AM to
2023-05-27 @ 02:30 PM

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