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Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the benefits of taking dance lessons?
Taking dance lessons will save you from the boring hustle and bustle of daily life and help you forget about your work stress. Maybe you will pave the way for a successful dance career with dance lessons that allow you to discover your talents. The lessons that allow your body to stretch and shape will also allow you to socialize and become happier individuals.
At what age do you start dancing?
Age is not a barrier to dancing. You can start dancing whenever you want. However, if you want to do ballet, it is useful to start your children between the ages of 4 and 11 dancing. You can do social Latin dances, ballroom and folk dances at any age.
Do you give private dance lessons?
We have private lessons throughout the year. You can contact us for special programs and fees.
What should we wear when attending classes?
The clothes you will wear may also change depending on the course content you have registered for. However, comfortable t-shirts, trousers and shorts are generally preferred in dance classes. Since it is important to move easily while training, you should actually dress how you feel comfortable. It is useful to choose shoes that will not squeeze your feet and will not slip. Loose shorts and T-shirts will be suitable for your dance while doing hip hop, and dresses with slits while doing tango.
What should you pay attention to while dancing?
Every dance has its own rules. In order to make your movements and turns perfectly and not to hurt yourself, it is useful to be more careful in your first lessons. As long as you avoid sudden movements, you will not put your partner in a difficult situation. Make sure your training is beneficial by taking care to practice a lot.